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    I like this game and I would like to be more involved. It's a very good community.

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  1. Dovada adrian.dem
  2. Nick: bOby-SS Ce timp de acces deții pe server? Admin Ai deja tag personalizat activ? No Tag-ul dorit: *kILL-yourSelf*
  3. Nick: bOby+Rt Varsta: 19 Folosești Whatsapp pe telefon?: Yes E-mail: anakin_counter23@gmail.com Experiența admin: 6 luni Cuvintele cheie din regulament: [Respect], [Onoare] & [Loialitate @CFREE]. Ore jucate pe server: 10 Like la pagina noastra de Facebook? Yes Poți dona paypal? No Poți dona SMS? No Alte precizări?
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