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  1. ** ADMIN : Nostalgie ** TIMP : [02/12/2019] - [17:06:52] && SERVER : CS.CSFREE.RO #Classic Server - www.csfree.ro ** NUMELE TAU : Old fox || IP : && STEAM : STEAM_1:0:1913995260 ** POSTEAZA POZELE PE www.csfree.ro PENTRU DEBANARE! SVC_STUFFTEXT: Server tried to send invalid command : wait;snapshot Kicked :"Check Console. wall (banned permanen Numele dvs/Names Players: Old fox Nume Admin/ Names : Nostalgie IP / Steam : && STEAM : STEAM_1:0:1913995260 Motivul/Reason: wall Dovada (demo, ss, etc): No blind,no request for a photo,not a single word.Just ban. Let the admin prove his / her right decision,if have a proof. Two hours of playing with other admins was no problem,but this one is the smartest.I understand why there aren't many players. I do not need wall admin,just playing with quality sound.
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