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BATTLEZONE.png       Salut Guest !

Ești invitat sa te înscrii la turneul CSFREE! 1 vs 1

Jucători maximi pentru înscriere sunt 16 players!

*Câștigă premiile noastre mai mai multe detalii vizitează link-ul de mai jos, sau intra la secțiunea BattleZone.



Connect on CS.CSFREE.RO !

SERVER: CS.CSFREE.RO  ->  NEW IP: ConnectNow and add to favorites Thank You.



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    i have my own server.. zoko is bad admin (doesnt even know who is wh) without cheing

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  1. eu nu vrei unbabn i want Explanation why i got suspended?
  2. where d you see wh!?!?! did you see ME AIM ON PLAyers while the walk... guys you are not sires! Did you head about Noise?? do you know i can know the position of players becuase the noise? watch the Demo Again! and try to hear the footspets of the CT players!
  3. you calling me bitch? after you suspended my account on forum??!! for no fucking reason i spam you because you send me on Privet message that i cant get UNBAN! and then you suspended me! sience when U give admin to a little kid who dont know how to be admin! sience when you dont give Premission to make SS i know only co-owners + have access to wg !! but why This zoko didnt have premisiion to make ss or send wg? I WANT TO KNOW WHY I GOT SUSPENDED FROM THE FORUM? what was the reason for that! i came nicelly asked for unban, i post as the model even better! i created 4 Big cs forums in my last 5 years. i manged like 10 servers i have my own sv now. and you are acting like dump--Giving me suspended. and your forum is sucks taking themes from webflake haha i can eslly take you down
  4. Numele dvs/Names Players: ELROI //ELROI LIVE IN ISRAEL Nume Admin/ Names Admins: ZoKo IP / Steam ID: ELROI LIVE IN ISRAEL - - STEAM_1:0:90697651 Motivul/Reason: Wall Dovada (demo, ss, etc): https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1978904 https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1978571 https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1941717 administrator zoko, mi-a dat interdicție fără niciun motiv! nu mi-a pus SS și nu a cerut Wg. am interdicție permanentă cu ce? unde vezi perete? sunteți administrator nou prietenul meu? înainte de a interzice un jucător, trebuie să ceri SS sau wargods! ***************************** ** MOTIV : wall ** ** DURATA ( 0 = permanent ) : 0 ** ** ADMIN : ZoKo ** ***************************** ** MOTIV : wall ** ** DURATA ( 0 = permanent ) : 0 ** ** ADMIN : ZoKo ** ***************************** ** MOTIV : wall ** ** DURATA ( 0 = permanent ) : 0 ** ** ADMIN : ZoKo ** ***************************** ** MOTIV : wall ** ** DURATA ( 0 = permanent ) : 0 ** ** ADMIN : ZoKo ** ***************************** ** MOTIV : wall ** ** DURATA ( 0 = permanent ) : 0 ** ** ADMIN : ZoKo ** ***************************** Kicked by Console: "Check Console. wall (banned permanently)" Kicked :"Check Console. wall
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