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BATTLEZONE.png       Salut Guest !

Ești invitat sa te înscrii la turneul CSFREE! 1 vs 1

Jucători maximi pentru înscriere sunt 16 players!

*Câștigă premiile noastre mai mai multe detalii vizitează link-ul de mai jos, sau intra la secțiunea BattleZone.



Connect on CS.CSFREE.RO !

SERVER: CS.CSFREE.RO  ->  NEW IP: ConnectNow and add to favorites Thank You.



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  1. Hate

    Unbaned Hate !

    sorry dracula its coppy / paste from other report forgot to remove ur nick
  2. Hate

    Unbaned Hate !

    Now please put ur headphones and watch the demo and tell me what you think ?
  3. Hate

    Unbaned Hate !

    Numele dvs/Names Players: @Hate Nume Admin/ Names Admins: @icearc IP / Steam ID: Motivul/Reason: Wall ** MOTIV : wall ** ** DURATA ( 0 = permanent ) : 0 ** ** ADMIN : icearc https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2048056 atteched file is recording by my smartphone exactly after i got banned . Please START USING HEADPHONES, amx_ss etc before you ban!!! 20200803_191248.mp4
  4. Numele dvs/Names Players: @Hate Nume Admin/ Names Admins: Dracula IP / Steam ID: Motivul/Reason: Wall Dovada (demo, ss, etc): No.... I was banned in your server without screenshot or wargods test https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2042218 this wargods test is done a few minutes later after ban, You can check timestamp when scan is done when cs is open and is it valid I would like to ask admin who banned me to prove my guilty with demo and a few more admins to watch it while using headphones and tell do i use wall or just sound ... also its good idea to got auto record demo when someone join your server Kind regards Hate
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