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  1. Nick: aslak steam id:STEAM_0:0:22865748 dovada: data si ora: 7/05 4:49 hello goodnight I made 2 demo but 1 was erased when I put the same name to the second demo ... but in that demo that I brought you notice that it brings wall.. I have not given ban it because it is vip alask.dem
  2. Nick: seba ckp 1.0 Prin ce dorești sa donezi? Nu vreau sa donez! Sunt STEAM-ON! Tag-ul dorit: [$-kingofdeath-$] Link Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199065290698/ Verifica aici beneficiile VIP-ului: http://www.csfree.ro/topic/9-csfree-beneficiile-vip/ Yes
  3. nick: seba ckp 1.0 Dota/Ora 08:26 21/05/2020 votado
  4. good afternoon Q4. excuse me but i am not playing with codes, i am back to sv after a long time. and everyone knows I don't play codes now ..
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