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  1. I was wondering... if you where starting from scratch, in what order should you learn music theory? Should you start with rhythm? Or maybe pitch? Should you learn the scales before you learn intervals? Or maybe in parallel? What are your thoughts? The reason Im asking is that Im writing a music theory app it will be kind of like Duolingo but for music theory and I want to make sure that I have the best possible structure for the lessons. If you have chapter suggestions that would be great as well ex. "Chapter 1 - Basic terminology", "Chapter 2 - The staff", "Chapter 3 - The musical alphabet" If you learned everything to day. In hindsight, what would be the best order to learn in?
  2. Bansisingh

    FPS Problems only on CSGO

    When I used to play CSGO a few months ago everything was fine in regards to my FPS, solid 300+. Now when trying to play I only get 70-120 FPS with massive lag spikes, it literally looks like I have motion blur on and is unbearable to play. To add every other game I've tried playing I still get the same FPS, as I would previously as I thought first of all it could be something to do with my GPU/CPU. I've tried completely deleting CSGO, removing every file, updating all of my drivers, deleting all workshop maps, unparking my cores and a few other things. But nothing seems to fix my issue, if you have any suggestions that may help fix my problem, then that'd be great!
  3. Bansisingh

    Looking for a comp team

    Hello, My name is CHiEF, I own a team known as Terra R6. We are currently only a Rainbow Six: Siege team, however I am looking into expanding this team into an organization and growing the name to be known. I know very little of CS:GO comp so there will be a captain running the CS team. All I require is maturity and I will leave the rest up to whomever becomes the captain of this team. DM me if anyone is interested in getting this going. Thank you. ABCya Adam4Adam POF