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  1. As the title says. At this point DMG and above has turned in to a game of who can toggle first after pistol round.(EU region) Hell if you get a few HS in warmup it's on... Usually at this point in the rant people go ahead and encourage me to buy a 3rd party service, to what i can say is yes i am already paying for Faceit premium. But that's besides the point, in any case i do not have much time to play due to work and the little time i play i can only do so with friends that ARE NOT paying for a 3rd party service... So MM it is... In the end i pay for being able to play a game i payed for years ago... If any other studio let it come to this people would go ballistic but valve gets a pass. At this point in not even mad at them just disappointed. The only solution i can offer so this rant is not in vain is a better AC client, that people can opt in to same as prime. Yes it will split the player base, but so did prime and the game did not flop... https://appsync.biz/speed-test/ https://appsync.biz/scrabble-word-finder/] https://appsync.biz/solitaire/