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  1. Hello,, I’m trying to compile together a list of popular songs that have great rising action/build-ups and aggressive drops/breakdowns. There’s plenty of EDM songs out there, but what rock/rap songs can you think of? Stuff with a lot of energy preferably. Hype music. Here are some examples I already have that might help you think of something... Beastie Boys - Sabotage TutuApp Lucky Patcher Kodi (the breakdown being the scream) Muse - Hysteria (the whole open) Audioslave - Cochise Metallica - Enter Sandman... Thank you may you like this,...
  2. Daryl Dixon

    Danger Zone Update of CS:GO

    Hello everyone,, Use this thread to share feedback and report bugs for the Danger Zone update. When reporting bugs, include steps to re-create the bug, if known. Be as descriptive as possible, include screenshots if relevant. You can find the first thread , ShowBox Mobdro VidMate the second thread , and the third thread ..... Thanks you,....