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Connect on CS.CSFREE.RO !

SERVER: CS.CSFREE.RO  ->  NEW IP: ConnectNow and add to favorites Thank You.

ANUNȚ CĂTRE ADMINI !! Trebuie trimisa o noua parola pentru ca accesul dvs. sa fie din nou activ. Link



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  1. La multi ani !


  2. i got banned by Weedox he said i got wallhack well,Weedox,send me demo i want to really see how im wall hacking o.o
  3. Weedox send me demo that i had wallhack i really want to see
  4. Welcome..!


  5. nick:Firexx age:17 TAG:NotHacker o.o well idk what to say more cuz i don"t speak romanian :D
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