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Found 40 results

  1. Numele dvs/Names Players: [F0RC3] Dencik Nume Admin/ Names Admins: ? IP / Steam ID: Motivul/Reason: ? Dovada (demo, ss, etc): You have been banned from this server Banned again?
  2. Numele dvs/Names Players: [F0RC3] Dencik Nume Admin/ Names Admins: JngerMafiot IP / Steam ID: Motivul/Reason: Wall Dovada (demo, ss, etc): https://uploads.csfree.ro/file/1611075205_SS I played on the server 1 year ago and this year I have returned to the server to play therefore I have been playing for 1 day, today JngerMafiot banned me of course "wall" when I have never used such a thing, I have been playing for so long that I have seen players more suspicious than me and still not banned, I would like you to present me with the supposed evidence of the "wall" when I have been playing for a while and never used cheat.
  3. Numele dvs/Names Players:FRAGYSTIC Nume Admin/ Names Admins: RaZgaIAtuL IP / Steam ID: | STEAM_1:0:1982499194 Motivul/Reason: Aim Dovada (demo, ss, etc): n-am Ps.. ma joc pe cs.csfree.ro de cateva luni astiazi 7.01.2021 am primit ban de la razgaiatul pe motiv " aim" as vrea sa imi arate si mie o dovada ca as avea aim . Cu cateva zile in urma mi-a cerut un wg i l-am dat si a zis ca e ok , astazi dupa cateva zile vine si imi zice ca nu a fost bun wg si am primit ban si apropo razgaiatule ti-am zis pe sv si ti-o spun si aici trebuie sa accepti ca sunt si jucatori buni eu nu sunt in top cu killurile facute din afk . O zi minunata va doresc si te astept cu dovada razgaiatule
  4. Numele dvs/Names Players: SHOT-luck Nume Admin/ Names Admins: ? IP / Steam ID: Motivul/Reason: ? Dovada (demo, ss, etc):N-am. Connecting to You have been banned from this serve PLS unban again
  5. Model: Numele dvs :ender Nume Admin/ Names Admins: ??? IP / Steam ID: ender ip: Motivul/Reason:Motivul ? Nu mai pot sa ma conectez la server NET Ports: server 27015, client 27005 Server IP address Connecting to You have been banned from this server.
  6. Mi s-a zis ca e scos ban-ul dar tot acolo e. IP / Steam ID: kzmn || IP : && STEAM : STEAM_0:0:1544700 Multumesc.
  7. Numele dvs/Names Players: Unknown Nume Admin/ Names Admins: JohnykAUF IP / Steam ID: Motivul/Reason: Wall Dovada (demo, ss, etc): https://uploads.csfree.ro/file/1604140084_wallcica
  8. Model: Numele dvs Razgaiatul Nume Admin/ Names Admins:ZERO IP / Steam ID: Motivul/Reason:Motivul Silent. Astept dovada multumesc Dovada (demo, ss, etc):https://imgur.com/ms3t4SK
  9. Numele dvs: Cojo Nume Admin,Co-owner,Owner,Fondator : owner BWL Motivul/Reason:......nu stiu Dovada ( ss, etc):...... nu am
  10. Numele dvs/Names Players: feels bad m8 ? Nume Admin/ Names Admins: nu stiu IP / Steam ID: /STEAM_0:0:441849305 Motivul/Reason: nu stiu Dovada (demo, ss, etc):https://imgur.com/a/xMhCdlT nu stiu ce sa zic, incercam sa intru pe sv si nu ma lasa, apoi m am uitat in consola si am vazut asta. Nu am primit ban in timp ce eram pe server! am incercat sa intru si aveam deja ban.
  11. Numele dvs/Names Players:errayN Nume Admin/ Names Admins: _^L.T.M^_gUaRd^iAn IP / Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:37231364 Motivul/Reason:no.wg Dovada (demo, ss, etc):https://imgur.com/Nl97H0G https://imgur.com/ofIpJDb https://imgur.com/LL67c30 I-am spus ca nu pot descarca si l-am cerut lui si ma trezesc cu ban .. mi-a dat timp 5 minute nici timpul nu l-a respectat .(nu are acces la demo:))) )
  13. Model: Numele dvs/Names Players: TheLegend Nume Admin/ Names Admins: ROmaniaARMY IP / Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:1117168927 Motivul/Reason: wall hack Dovada (demo, ss, etc):
  14. Numele dvs/Names Players: Chester Nume Admin/ Names Admins: La Cosa Nostra IP / Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:1510687537 / Motivul/Reason: wall Dovada (demo, ss, etc): I don't have it, usually the admin gives it. I have nothing in cstrike. And the admin didn't make any photos either. ptrscr of console: https://imgur.com/a/eET89mP / I know I could've been played like I have cheats, but believe me that after more than 7 years of cs you earn some skills. That's the second ban I got today. I have cs 1.6 on steam, but too lazy to install it. charliex_007
  15. Numele dvs/Names Players:amaZING! Nume Admin/ Names Admins:Ninu IP / Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:790950666 Motivul/Reason:aim Dovada (demo, ss, etc): ** MOTIV : aim ** ** DURATA ( 0 = permanent ) : 99999 ** ** ADMIN : Ninu ** ***************************** Kicked by Console: "Check Console. aim (banned for 99999 min)" Kicked :"Check Console. aim (banned for 99999 Nu am mai intrat de vreo 2 luni si primele fraguri si ban direct, nici 2 minute nu am jucat. Multumesc.
  16. https://imgur.com/zfz1Rq2 Numele dvs/: Ains Nume Admin: ZERO IP / Steam ID: / STEAM_0:1:201334537 Motivul/Reason: wh Dovada (demo, ss, etc): poate sa le puna domnul ZERO, chiar sunt curios. Mentionez faptul ca sunt steam on. Astept demoul domnului ZERO, sa vedem unde a vazut el wallhack.
  17. Numele dvs/Names Players: ANDREEA Nume Admin/ Names Admins: Dementhu IP / Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39919232 Motivul/Reason:Motivul wall Dovada (demo, ss, etc): Mi-a fost acceptata cererea de unban, insa nu mi-a fost scos banul!
  18. Numele dvs/Names Players:NEVEU Nume Admin/ Names Admins:ZERO presupun se poate verifica IP / Steam ID: Motivul/Reason:Motivul Poi sa l spuna el Dovada (demo, ss, etc): https://postimg.cc/F1NzJKPm/5406bf21
  19. Numele dvs: n0thing Nume Admin: dada IP / Steam ID: Motivul/Reason: Wall Dovada (demo, ss, etc): https://postimg.cc/qhhW1k80
  20. Numele dvs : Nicusor Nume Admin : Dementhu IP/Seam ID : / STEAM_2:1:2014147046 Motivul : Wall Dovada : https://imgur.com/a/sw27eh0 Si WG(https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1931501) facut dupa ce am laut ban fara a iesi din cs , verificati va rog ! P.S am intrat pe srv , am ucis 2 runde cate 7,6 playeri si am fost reclamat , fara nici o verificare hop si BAN , nu e placut cand primesti ban pe nedrept !
  21. Numele dvs/Names Players: Zhang jike#. Nume Admin/ Names Admins: Berlin IP / Steam - STEAM_0:0:80145545 Motivul/Reason:wall Dovada (demo, ss, etc):nu am facut ss:(
  22. Numele dvs/Names Players: ANDREEA Nume Admin/ Names Admins: Nu stiu IP / Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39919232 Motivul/Reason:wall Dovada (demo, ss, etc):https://imgur.com/a/LxPNPJa
  23. Numele dvs/Names Players: Neax Nume Admin/ Names Admins: ErrayN IP / Steam ID:"Neax" 7055 STEAM_1:0:715007201 0 00:20 27 0 si ip si steam Neax" 7055 STEAM_1:0:715007201 0 00:20 27 0 Motivul/Reason: spuneti unban da tot banat sunt imi zice you have banned from this server Dovada (demo, ss, etc): https://www15.zippyshare.com/v/W5ggtaC0/file.html am intrat pe alt server ca s-a copiez steam id ca pe al vostru sunt banat
  24. Numele dvs: Neax Numele adminului reclamat: ErrayN Motiv reclamatie: Ban Permanent Dovada: https://www15.zippyshare.com/v/W5ggtaC0/file.html a spus azi cand jucam pe server ca imi da ban si acum vad ca mi-a dat mi-a dat ban cand am iesit am grad de slot dc am primit ban
  25. Numele dvs/Names Players: YO*** Nume Admin/ Names Admins: Tofix SINGULAR IP / Steam ID Motivul/Reason: wall
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