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1. Orders between admins are strictly forbidden. P2-P3
- Any deviation may result in loss of access.
2. If you suspect a code admin, make a demo, and post it to ADMINS ONLY!
3. If an admin hurts say say printscreen and post to ADMINS ONLY! P1
- You are not allowed to chat / use commands on it.
4. If an admin has offended you or used an order on you, make the printscreen and post to ADMINS ONLY!
- Do not argue with him / do not use commands on him. P2-P3
5. If an admin bans the players / admins on the server, then you are allowed to ban it, then promptly notify a FOUNDER.
6. The amx_votemap command is used in the last 8-10 minutes. P1
- The server with the highest rank on the server has priority in voting.
- The vote is not given before you consult with the administrators present on the server.
- Before you vote, check the last maps by typing / last to not repeat the recent maps.
- The map is changed in the last 5 minutes by the admin who cast the vote (you are not allowed to drop over the person who cast the vote, only if he or she leaves or leaves the server).
7. UP is not required on server / forum / steam. P1
- At the end of each month your activity is checked, then it determines who gets + 1 / -1 / REMOVE.
8. The maximum time required for submitting a unban request is 24h (admin, non-present proof within 24h admitted, will be sanctioned according to internal regulations if applicable). P1[regulament]
- Exclude complaints based on reasons: kick / slay / slap / gag / ban 120 minutes.
9. In a unban complaint / request, only those involved and the staff of the server (co-owner, owner, founder) can post. P1
10. It is forbidden to borrow or use access by someone other than the person for whom it was made. P4
- Any deviation from this rule will directly lead to loss of access.
11. Do not abuse the amx_say / amx_tsay / amx_csay commands. P1
- These commands create a lag and hinder the server.
12. Do not use the ban / unban command multiple times, it is enough only once. P1
13. When you enter the server you play with the nickname you have admin, otherwise you will be penalized. P1
14. Beware of you, avoid spelling or chatting as much as possible. P1-P2
- If someone mistakenly explain them nicely without having a higher tone.
15. If you have problems and you are missing out on the server for more than 10 days you have to announce it. P4
16. Do not give bangs on the IP class. P1
- Give only if absolutely necessary, and the ban is not permanent.
17. The keywords found in the admin request model will be found in square brackets.[] [admin]
18. When you're staying with the amx_spectate command, you may lose access if you do not comply. P1-P4
19. Admins can only be verified by FONDATORS / OWNERI / CO-OWNERI, to request a check using PM on the forum. P1
20. It would be advisable that all administrators share the same name on the forum and on the server to avoid confusion, otherwise do not nicknames.

21. Both players and administrators are not allowed to make a monitor or to tell TeamSpeak 3 where the other players are. P4
- If one of the players is making a demo, this excuse will not be accepted.
22. When banning someone, pass a clear reason (wall / aim / speed / language). P1
- Penalties such as "PA", "JET", "SALUT" will be sanctioned.
23. When claiming a coded server, you have to notify the player that you are checking the suspect. P1
24. Do not keep the caterpillars between you.
- Only if you know and you allow each other.
25. Do not mess with server players.
- Give an example of common sense and respect to the players and the work of the FONDATORS. P1-P4
26. Do not kick in afk / spec [csfree]! P1
-It does not kick at night at night.
27. Admins are not allowed to ask for explanations between themselves for the orders given and the decisions taken. A print / demo and complaint will be made to the Admins Only section if someone violates the rules and a founder will make a decision. P1
28. Forbidden to ask WG. Exceptional founding permission. P1
29. Forbidden to take pictures of strangers! Just demo! Use amx_showip to find out where the players are from. P1
30. The Admins Only password is located on the server via the / pass command! (It's an obligation to know it!) P1
31. Map at night does not change !!! P4
32. When the total number of players on the server is less than 8 players, the map changes to de_dust2x2. (and remains unchanged until it reaches the total of 10.) P1
33. If an admin withdraws, he / she is entitled to return with a lower grade than the original one (it remains at the choice of the founders)
34. Admins have the obligation to visit the forum, and post on it. (Admin Request, Free Discussions, etc ...) No activity in forum is not UP!
35. For language: 3-5 min / 5-10min / ban 120 min (let's say ***, frm, ***, rm etc. as long as they are not addressed to a player) P1
36. Failure to show or present an incorrect or too low demo, of which you can not figure out the code, will result in sanctioning P1
37. Prohibited permanent ban or "99999" for. advertising! Goggle 10-20 min! P1

38. Forbidden using the "/ LIVE" command! It is autorestart after the first round! P1

39. Forbidden for RUSH / BMB slam (except when the bmb stays more than 2 minutes in base or is alone vs 4 or more players). P1

Penalties for admins are applied by the severity of the deed (warning, degradation, admin deletion, ban) by the server founders.
The decisions and sanctions of the founders are indisputable! P4


P3-Down -1


***The Csfree staff reserves the right to enforce these rules without further explanation***
***Not reading or not recognizing these rules is an excuse***

Updated on 28.05.2018 by blue white lion!
Thank you for your attention and we want fun on our server!

@The CSFree



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